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Our Web Stores

We operate a growing number of niche B2C e-commerce websites. Together they serve more than 10,000 customers and have achieved a combined gross turnover of over 1mn BGN.

BVI Photo Video

This is our oldest project, launched back in 2009. It was conceived as a place where aspiring photography enthusiasts could find inexpensive equipment for digital photography and video that would allow them to work like the pros – only without going broke!

DC Power

The purpose of this project is to offer quality primary and rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and accessories that serve the needs of different private and professional customers, big and small. At presesnt, this is our best-performing property.

The Beardsome Store

This one is very special to us. The Beardsome store caters to the needs of bearded gentlemen who want to take good care of that great patch of hair that comes out from under their noses and chins.

Coming soon...

This project is still under tight wraps but we plan to be ready to show it to the world very very soon. As with our other projects, it will serve the (so far, poorly attended) needs of a small but passionate crowd.


What Can We Do for You

Most consultants who are hired by small business to launch an e-commerce website tend to operate on one of the following deeply flawed models:

  • Model A: Get some job done, get paid and go; leave the customer to make do alone or charge a heavy amount for any work done outside the scope of the initial agreement.
  • Model B: Lock the customer with a maintenance contract, make him dependant on the consultant for any changes to his website, milk him for as long as possible.

We strongly believe that either approach is unsustainable, and employ a completely different mode of operation based on honesty, mutual respect and ambition to do the best job possible.

Our services can be grouped into four distinct areas:

Platform Selection & Deployment

We carefully study the needs and capabilities of each customer, and we select a web platform based not only on the initial magnitude of the project but also on a prediction model with a scope of 5 years minimum and 300% YoY growth. Yeah, we make sure success doesn't crush you.

Content Creation

We produce fully original content (text, graphics, video) so that the project can start taking revenue and becoming profitable as early as possible. Creating original content makes Google like us and puts us near the top in the results pages even in competitive verticals.

Build Ironclad Backup & Recovery Systems

Once the website is up and running, we take time to create an automated disaster recovery system that guarantees prompt return to operation: from minutes to hours, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Documentation, Training & Support

Finally, we spend weeks or months to teach the customer how to use the system with confidence. We document all work we have done so that even when we are gone, any IT expert worth their salt will be able to take over.

Contact Us

Does the brief introduction above make you feel we could make a good business match? Let us know. We are ready for any challenges and we are confident we have the ability to make your business better.

Contact us anytime to boost your business and achieve new milestones. We respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.


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